So, Jenny and I are only two years apart, and as a result, have shared almost everything at one point or another.  As kids, we shared toys, clothes, unfortunate home perm kits, and for one memorable year, a sleeping bag in a pop-up trailer**. As teenagers, we shared a bathroom and mutual disdain.

And finally we grew up, and actually became friends.  As it turns out, we have a lot in common other than sturdy pioneer legs and a love of Russian Wine.  So it was no surprise when, in sudden storm of inspiration last night while I was making a giant empanada, I thought, “We should totally start a blog together!”

Because in all honesty? Things that are fun? WAY more fun when we are in it together.

Except for that sleeping bag.  I don’t recommend that.

*We’re not the only ones who know all the words to the “Sisters” song from White Christmas, right?  Because that would make us feel awkward.

**Speaking of awkward…