I have three children.  Two boys, Snake (age 8) & Man-Child (age 14) and a girl, Emmy Lou who is 11.  Emmy Lou and I are always outnumbered but typically we can hold our own.  However, Emmy Lou is at camp.  She has been gone since Monday morning.  It took approximately 20 minutes from the time she left to have a full-blown Donnybrook in my living room.  I failed to document what has transpired the past two days but here is a pictorial sampling of today’s shenanigans.

They have thus far killed imaginary foes in the yard, zombies on the TV, and attempted to apply various choke holds to each other in the living room.  We did work in a trip to the library.  The book choices:

Yes.  That does say “Why Is Snot Green?”

Emmy Lou returns home tomorrow evening.

I can’t wait.  Much longer and the testosterone might take over.  I swear my voice is already starting to deepen.