It is upon us. Vacation season. The time when families all over the country load themselves and everything they own into the car and head for the beach, mountains, lake, etc. What should be a wonderful experience more times than not turns into WWIII. At least, the car ride does!

We are in countdown mode for our departure for Breckenridge, Colorado. The cabin is rented, the plans are made, excitement is building! As I stated in a previous post, this is a family event including my parents and Megan’s 3. We all generally leave early so we can hit Cracker Barrel in Wichita before the rush.  If your family is like ours, the first few hours are great. Everyone is excited! They are playing with what they brought and acting silly. After breakfast, perhaps a nap. But as we roll into hours 4 – infinity, it begins. The sniping… arguing… griping… general unpleasantness!

Therefore, I would like to share some rules that I have come up with that just might help you as you hit the open road. These rules work pretty well in our family but alas, what works for some may not for others.  So, here goes:

  • No singing in the car, unless it’s with the song on the radio. This is purely sanity saving on my part.  My children are prone to singing with whatever is on their iPods or in their heads. Typically in an operatic voice.
  •  No touching anyone else’s air vent. Everyone controls their own. You’re getting the same amount of air, I promise. They are not hogging it all.
  •  No tapping on anything. You are not a percussionist, and even if you were, I doubt I would let you practice on your sister’s headrest or your brother’s head. The window is not your high hat and the back of my seat is not your bass drum. Really.
  • If all else fails, you all have your own windows.  Look. Out. Them.   Don’t glare at me in the rear view mirror, and don’t hiss at your siblings. It’s everyone’s fault.

Here’s wishing you safe travels and happy trails as you blaze across America.  And if you happen to glance at the car next to you and see a MMA bout occurring in the back seat, say a little prayer.  It could be you next.

“There, but by the grace of God, go I.”   Godspeed my friend…and Good Luck!