So, I have never had any intention on learning how to quilt.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love quilts.  I love to snuggle up under one on a cold winter’s night with a fire, my knitting, and cup of coffee.  But to make one has never been on my radar.  My mother-in-law is a fantastic quilter, hence from where the aforementioned quilt has come.  She is award-winning, I’ll have you know.  While I have always appreciated the beauty, form, and construction of quilts,  not to offend anyone, I’ve felt I was a bit too young to be a quilter.  That is, until my younger sister (and blogger in crime) Megan started.

This got me thinking…If she could quilt and make it look cool, maybe I could as well.  Then I started to do a bit of research online.  Did you know a lot of quirky hipsters quilt?  They do!  I knew they were knitters but apparently they’re quilters too!  Therefore, I decided to give it a try.   Jump on the scrappy bandwagon, so to speak.

We decided to have a cutting par-tay today. I know, we are living-on-the-edge, no-rules rock stars.  Don’t be jealous.  We’ll invite you next time.  Megan dug into her stash of fabrics and got me headed in the right direction.  I shall now share with you a pictorial compilation of the event.

After much toiling and seam ripping (of which I did not document in pictures), my block was finished!  *Insert triumphant music!*

The lovely and talented, Miss Log Cabin!  Give her a round of applause, folks!  She’s not perfect, but she has a fantastic personality! (That’s Megan’s pretty block in the background of picture #3…she is perfect.)

My mother-in-law was right all these years.  Quilting is fun!  I should have known to listen to my elders!  🙂  So, if you haven’t tried quilting, do it!

Come join us…

On the dark side.*

*That’s a quilting joke.  Because log cabin blocks are made up of a dark and light side.  Dark side…Get it?  I know. Pretty scrappy joke…