Okay, I’m going to get really self-centered here and talk about something that only I care about: my hair.

Ohhhh, hair.  What a long, difficult, tumultuous relationship we’ve had.  There was the Fuzz Era, when you remained obstinately furry and tangled regardless of my mother’s ministrations.  There were the perms, the banana clips, the super-random darkening that coincided with junior high (The Pretty Years, we call those, if by “pretty” we mean “good thing she’s smart”).

And finally in high school I dyed you red and cut you short.  And that worked for a while.  Then I stopped the coloring, but kept you short.  It was easy.  It hid the oddball cowlicks (…sort of), and I didn’t really have to think about it – I mean, when you have a pixie cut, it’s not like you have a lot of styling options.

I’ve finally figured out, though, after 35 years under this hair, is that a lot of the problems I’ve had with it are due to the fact it’s pretty wavy, and getting wavier as I get older. I’ve been fighting that texture my entire life – no wonder I’ve never really been happy with it!

Because honestly?  I’d like to have hair I really like instead of hair that is just easy.

So, my grand plan is to source a few good products for wavy/curly hair and embrace the hair that I’ve got.  I’d like to let it grow a bit and ultimately, just see what happens when I encourage it to be what it wants instead of fighting it.

How’s that for a metaphor for life?

Has anyone out there found a must-have product for wavy/curly hair?  Or have their own Hair Odyssey to share?