Please meet my new summer bag:

Isn’t she lovely?  Look at all those pockets!

As any mom of a small chid knows, your purse becomes a catch-all; at any moment, my purse likely contains a wallet, sunglasses, phone, keys, lip balm, three ink pens, a loose Sonic mint, a sippy cup, a little stuffed Elmo, a toddler sun hat, and a small container of crackers.  It devolves into total chaos unless I have lots of pockets, so that’s part of why I love this bag!

I used the tutorial you can find at Crap I’ve Made, with a couple modifications.

First, I added pockets, which is super simple to do: the outside ones are 6×6″ squares, and the inner pockets are panels of fabric that I simply stitched separations into.

I also like a purse that closes in some fashion, so I added the button and button loop.

Lastly, instead of turning the bag thru the handle per the tutorial, I left a little 3″ gap when I stitched the lining to the outer fabric to make it easier to turn. The outer fabric is actually a tablecloth I got at Target on clearance, so it’s got some heft – why make things hard on myself and try to squeeze it out thru a tiny little opening, right?*

I’ve cranked out a lot of projects this past week: two skirts, a pair of shorts, a crib sheet and pillowcase, a shirt for me, and the new summer bag. But my very favorite? This 5-minute t-shirt embellishment for JB:

Yup, that’s Morse code, cut out of heat transfer on the ol’ Silhouette, and ironed onto a plain t-shirt.

Doesn’t it make you want to put Morse code on everything?  It’s just so simple and graphic.  I’m definitely going to have to come up with more projects with it!

*There’s a childbirth joke there, but I’m resisting.