Megan: Hey, Jen. We’re going to do a little interview today, a kind of get-to-know-you thing. First, set the scene for us: where are you and what beverage do you have there next to you?

Jenny:  Currently, I am hanging out on the deck, knitting a pair of socks, and  drinking a refreshing glass of iced tea.

Megan: So, we’re both creative, crafty types, but haven’t always been. When did you first find yourself leaning that way, and what got you interested?

Jenny:  I have been able to sew for a couple of years (not well, mind you) and crochet (Thanks Mamaw!)  But January 2011, I decided I was getting older and maybe it was time for me to start learning to do all those other things I had always wanted instead of putting them off until…whenever.  I decided March of 2011 to take a knitting 101 class at Loops Knitting and it was all over.  I have been knitting ever since.  It’s like you and sewing, I’m constantly looking for that next project.

Megan: On the topic of crafty things, what projects do you have in the works right now?

Jenny:  I am working on finishing a set of Star Wars golf club covers and am working on a fantastic pair of wool cabled socks.  I also have the materials set aside to make a pretty lacy vest for Mom.  And dang it, I still need to finish Emmy Lou and my Sorbettos.  I also have some photography ideas in the works as well.

Megan: What do you consider to be your dream project, if time/money/skill were no object?

Jenny:  The initial dream project would be getting my craft room organized and glorious.  I would love to put in loads of shelving, a large cutting/work table, bulletin boards on the walls for ideas, a nice chair and lamp for knitting, and a computer desk for photo editing, blogging, and idea searching.  Granted, to accomplish this, I will need to move the darn Bowflex first!

Megan: Okay, here’s something I’ve wondered about: you’re married to your high school sweetheart, which isn’t all that common in our generation. What’s that like?

Jenny:  Not knowing any different, it’s my version of normal.  Granted, we have a lot more history than some couples do, but the main difference is that we did some growing up together as we grew together as a couple.  Does that make sense?  I honestly don’t think we were fully developed into who we would be when we got married.  We were very young so while we were figuring out how to be married we were also just trying to figure out how to be grown ups, too.  I think it has given us a really secure relationship because we have already been together through so many stages of life.

Megan:  Cool.  Plus, for me, it’s handy having a brother-in-law who has been around forever – he gets all the jokes.  Okay, here’s the next question:  I believe everyone is exceptionally good at one thing (sometimes lots of things, but this is about you, not me). What’s your awesome skill?

Jenny:  I have an uncanny knack for cutting things exactly in half.  I’m pretty skillful with scissors anyway and can cut out letters free-hand which is a good skill for a teacher (what with all the bulletin boards we make.)  But in addition, I have a very strange ability to be able to divide things evenly.  And cut them surprisingly straight as well.  My preferred medium is paper but I have been known to apply it to pizza as well.   It’s a very peculiar gift.  I have vowed to only use it for good, though.

Megan: That probably really helps mitigate the kid-fights.  On a similar note, what are you surprisingly terrible at doing?

Jenny:  Ice skating.  I prefer my knees to bend in the correct direction rather than backwards.  I can however roller skate.  I’m pretty awesome at it.  Maybe I should change my answer to the previous question?

Megan: No, too late.  Moving on!  Okay, now tell us about a defining childhood moment, for good or bad.

Jenny:  The one moment that stands out most in my memory was one of our camping trips in Colorado. It was the year we ended up camping outside of Tincup because we were stranded by car troubles.  We spent the night freezing in a tent and woke up to a steady drizzle.  We finally made it into town and found a restaurant called Frenchy’s that was open.  Mom and Day let us choose whatever we wanted for breakfast since we had such a miserable night.  I had pie.  I remember how warm the restaurant was and how delicious the pie tasted.  I remember thinking, “Okay.  Everything is better.”  I forgot how rotten the night was, how cold I had been, and just savored that pie.

Megan: Seriously, that was the best pie ever. Now, just because it amuses me, how about your most regrettable hairstyle?

Jenny:  7th Grade, growing out some terrible shag from the previous year.  The crown of my hair was still relatively short but the sides and back had grown out shoulder length.  For some reason, I got a perm.  Poodle curly perm.  Because the top was so short, it curled up like an afro.  Add this to the overly full sides and back.  My head was shaped like a rounded triangle.  I proceeded to bobby pin down the voluminous top because obviously no one would notice the 14 pins on the top of my head!   The next year I discovered Sun-In so it was a lot of years before my hair looked normalish.

Megan: At least you weren’t sporting the hair of a 42-year-old woman in your 6th grade picture.  Okay, now the last question. You have an entire free day all to yourself. How would you spend it if money were no option?

Jenny:  I would probably start with breakfast at Panera where I would read, drink coffee, and do the crossword, uninterrupted.  Then I would go to Hobby Lobby.  I would walk around for as long as I like, looking at everything but the toys.  Then I would go to a lovely yarn shop.  I would bring my knitting and I would sit in the soothing atmosphere, knitting as long as I like.  I would wander through the store, admiring and feeling all the yarns.  I would buy any that struck my fancy.  Next I would have lunch.  Maybe some fruit, crackers, cheese, chocolate.  Something light and airy.  I would eat it outdoors.  Then, it’s time for a nap.  I would make sure I fit in a movie, a delicious dinner with a glass of wine, some shopping, and reading before falling asleep in a freshly made bed.

Megan: Nice!  Okay, thanks for playing along.  Now get back to your socks!