Hey, have you heard of Pinterest?

Okay, that was a joke.

Of course you’ve heard of Pinterest. Because you’re apparently able to turn on some kind of internet-capable device, and that’s pretty much all it takes.

Jen and I love us some Pinterest.  And lately, on various blogs, I’ve seen lots of people posting about trying out things on their boards, and I thought, “Why, that’s a bandwagon I want on!”

So, we’re introducing our new feature:

Each week, one of us will try out something from our Pinterest boards and give you a report:  Was it pretty/tasty/fun?  Would we recommend it?  Or did it burn down our house(s)?  You know, the important stuff.

We’re pretty excited to bring some of the pins on our boards to life.  And if you have something you’d like us to try out, feel free to chime in!  Unless it involves calf fries.  We are from Oklahoma, after all – we’re onto that.