Bringing you days twelve through nineteen of the 30 day photo challenge!  Things are starting to get weird around here…

Day 12:  Sunset    Okay I admit, I did not take this picture on day 12.  I have somehow managed to lose (read: delete) the correct picture.  But I felt you deserved your sunset, so here it is.  I took this picture from the roof of the hubby’s office building.  I like the color of the sky and the smog coming from the industry below.

Day 13:  Something old   These are my mom’s hands.  I have a hard time calling them old.  I really love this picture.  Her hands are beginning to look the way I remember my grandmother’s hands looking which is a warm, sentimental feeling for me.

Day 14:  Eyes   These are Snake’s eyes.  They are such a cool color.  They look almost yellow in the center.   I wanted a picture of the handsome JB’s eyes but he wouldn’t stay still long enough.

Day 15:  Your Shoes   I know, totally boring.  I waited until late at night.  Enjoy a picture of my running shoes.  It’s breathtaking, I’m sure.

Day 16:  Silhouette    Snake again.  He likes to bust a move.  Especially if it involves standing on furniture.

Day 17:  A Smile    Emmy Lou on the deck.  I love this picture because her smile is so true and natural.  I also like the way the sun is shining on her hair.

Day 18:  Bokeh    This was my first attempt at bokeh.  In hindsight, I should have closed the curtains on the window but I do like the way the light is reflected through the glass.

Day 19:  Animal     Granted, I probably should have gone outside to chase down real wildlife but it was raining and I would have had to put on shoes.  This guy was just hanging out on the deck asking to be photographed.  So, there you go.  A vicious wild bear.

Tomorrow’s Challenge:  A Faceless Self Portrait  (Hmmm…this should be an interesting one…what part do I choose to immortalize?  This could get awkward.)

*Please don’t turn me in for copyright infringement.  There seems to be a lot of that going around here…