For Week One of This Has Pin-tential!, I’m trying out homemade Larabars.  As part of my plan to reclaim my formerly (slightly) fitter self, I want to make better snack choices and I really like Larabars, but knew I could probably approximate them at home.  I’d looked around the interwebs for different recipes and pinned a couple, but after I spotted this recipe over at DAMY Health,  I decided it would be the one to try.

The recipes are super-easy and really just a method.  You could improvise whatever flavors you like; I went with PB&J and Pecan Pie.

Here are the dates and cherries after I food-processor-ed them:

Please, control yourself.  I know it’s really hard not to just stuff that odd, brown, sticky mass into your mouth – it looks that tasty.  Trust me, things will get better.

I’m going to skip the pictures of me assembling the bars, because I: 1. Didn’t take pictures because I may have been watching Wimbledon and 2. Am protecting you from the state of disarray in my house.  You’re welcome.

Here are the final products:

True confession time:  I totally cut my bars with a pizza cutter because who can be bothered to mold tiny rectangles?  And the bars are also fairly small, but that’s okay because they’re so chockfull o’ tastiness.

Because, oh…they are tasty.  Seriously, it’s almost like candy.  I can see having one of these if my sweet tooth was painin’, and being completely satisfied.  Also, I was worried about The Stickiness Factor, but after they chill a bit, they are possibly even less sticky than a real Larabar.  I’m also pretty excited to have a treat to give JB that taste like dessert but is just fruit and nuts.

Final verdict:  Make these!  They’re easy and yummy, and if you have bigger kids, you could make them together (and make them do the fussy rectangle-molding!).  Now, I just have to resist eating the entire dozen this afternoon…