You know how sometimes, deep in the heat of July, you want to add a little pop of color to your summer uniform* but most of your jewelry seems a little too fussy or not pool-friendly?  For just those days, I present:

This is such a quick, weirdly satisfying project.  Here’s what you need:

– a length of silver chain (I cut mine about 30 inches, but you’ll want to wrap it around your neck and determine your ideal length)

– some wire – I used 20 gauge because it’s what I had, but something lighter would work great

– 2 jump rings

– a fairly strong glue

– a pack of rubber bouncy balls.  Whee!

We’re going to turn our little rubber bouncy balls into pendants, one for each end of the chain.  To make the ball pendants, just twist short lengths of your wire (about an inch is good) into little loops:

Now poke a hole into each rubber ball.  I used a needle to make a small hole first and then broke out a metal BBQ skewer to open the hole a bit. Yeah, there are better tools for the job, but it worked.

Dab a bit of clue inside the hole and slide your little loop in:

Do this for each of your bouncy balls (or whatever colors you want!).  Let the glue set, then use a jump ring to attach a ball pendant to each end of your chain.  Drape it around your neck and tie it loosely.  You’re finished!  You can swap out ball pendants whenever you need a change of color.  Enjoy!

Be warned, though – those little rubber balls are irresistible to toddlers:

*Please tell me I’m not the only person with a summer uniform consisting of tees and various levels of short-pants?