The interview begins…

Jenny:  Megan, you interviewed me last week.  I believe that then it must be your turn.  To get the ball rolling, let’s start the same way as you started my interview. Where are you and what beverage do you have at your side?

Megan:   I’m on the couch because it’s naptime.  I’m drinking Dr Pepper 10 (I know, it’s totally a chemical slurry, but we all need vices).  I may or may not have Hell’s Kitchen on in the background.

Jenny:  We’ve discussed that while Mom sewed and did different hand crafts, she wasn’t really what one would consider a “crafty” type person. Why do you feel the crafty lifestyle suits you so well?

Megan:   Hmm, that’s an interesting one for me.  I mostly just dabbled in various crafts until I had JB and became a stay-at-home mom; at that point, I felt like my sense of identity sort of…disappeared?  I needed to figure out who I was now that I no longer had a job to define me, and the act of creating that comes with crafty pursuits helped me to really hone in on what I like and what I can create.

The interview starts to take a startling turn…

Jenny:  What was the first craft that “sealed the deal” for you?

Megan:   The thing I remember feeling most proud of was a pair of pants I made for JB when he was about 7 months old.  I could barely  use my sewing machine, had never been officially taught anything, but I followed that pattern and made something he could wear out of the house.  I was SO PROUD of those pants!

Jenny:  What are your current projects? Do you have a favorite?

Megan:   Oh, my stars.  I have so many things in the works.  Obviously, my sampler quilt remains in progress; I need to buckle down and finish the last two blocks, but vacation distracted me.  I also am working on two tops, a Sorbetto and a Tova, and also a little scrappy wristlet that I’m making up as I go along.  I’m also knitting a rag rug.  My favorite is probably the quilt, because it’s been such a surprise to enjoy it like I have.

Jenny:  So in regards to quilting being your new love, is there a dream quilt you envision making or a dream fabric you’d love to use?

Megan:   I have to say, I kind of love really traditional block styles, so the next quilt I make for myself will probably be a pinwheel of some kind, in fresh, bright colors.

This interview is about to “get real”

Jenny:  Let’s switch gears.  The topic is motherhood.  You are mother to the most awesome 2 year old around. What’s it like raising a breathtakingly handsome child?

Megan:   It’s pretty great.  He is unnaturally cute, isn’t he?  I always tell Scott it probably isn’t a good sign – you know how really homely people sometimes have the cutest kids?  I fear that might be what happened here and no one has the heart to tell us.

Jenny:  So ,you asked me this question, now it’s your turn. You implied during my interview that you were exceptionally good at lots of things. What are some of them?

Megan:   Dude, do you want me to make you feel bad? 🙂  I’m good at finding things; nothing stays lost at my house.  I’m good at locating really excellent books and at knowing where to get good deals on things, and I’m pretty good at Trivial Pursuit and almost unbeatable at Scrabble  Almost.

Jenny:  And are you terrible at anything? At all?

Megan:   Ha.  So many things.  Bread-baking.  Singing.  Cleaning.  Backing into parking places.

Jenny:  What is your favorite funny or sentimental moment of childhood?

Megan:   I’m going to go with “sentimental” – one of my favorite memories of childhood was having Mom read the Little House books to us while Dad made sound effects.  I’m pretty sure that little bedroom was where my love of reading was born.

Jenny:  That is a wonderful memory.  I can still picture him making the screech like the panther when it jumped onto the horse’s back.  Now just because I would like to have a small giggle, you alluded to your 6th grade hair-do. Please describe in detail for our readers.

Megan:   Everyone is familiar with Janet Reno, right?  It was her hair.  On a twelve-year-old.  My sweet tortoiseshell glasses completed the look.

Jenny:  Hehehe.  Thanks.  And the last question, you spend hours every day with a toddler. What would you do if I were to take him off your hands for an entire day?

Megan:  Wait, did you just offer?  Because that sounded like a legally binding offer. I’d probably go for a run first, then shower and eat a really slow breakfast and read the paper.  Then I might cut out a sewing project (it’s hard to find the time to really spread out and do cutting when the boy is about) and then hit a fabric store for browsing.  I might treat myself to lunch and then maybe a nap.  By then, I’d be missing his sweet face, and would probably have to come get him – he’s a nice boy.

Jenny:  The nicest.  And I totally did offer!  Thanks for your time, Megan.  There you have it readers.  A look into the life of Megan.  Isn’t she fantastic?  I’m so lucky to have her!