As you may recall, the sisterly fitness challenge kicked off last Monday, so it’s time to check in and report how we did!

Megan: Things went fairly well!  I got all three runs in, which is amazing since it required my getting up early and running before Scott left for work.  I also did one strength workout and got up at 6:30 this morning for yoga.  As for food changes, I  improved my snacking this week – the homemade Larabars were a great option and I also snacked on baby carrots and hummus a few times.

This week’s plan is to up intensity in the strength-training workout (and maybe get in an extra one).  I’m also going to revisit the principles of intuitive eating starting this week, beginning with “Stop eating when you’re not hungry anymore, silly.”  I’ve been catching myself finishing things even when my hunger is gone or when the food has stopped tasting good.  It’s a bad habit I tend to revert back to occasionally, so I’d like to pay attention to it and course-correct before I rejoin the Clean Plate Club.

All in all, a good week.  It feels pretty empowering to be moving back toward health(ier) behaviors!

Jenny:  I had a pretty good week.  I was able to do all three of my runs and did yoga once.  As far as strength training went, I didn’t get a traditional workout in but I did load and unload 35 bags of red lava rock.  I also helped build landscaping framework and then spread those 35 bags of rock.  I am totally going to count that as weight training. My run this morning was one of my better ones.  I ran a portion of my intervals at 6.6 mph.  This is very fast for me.  I do suspect that I looked like Phoebe from Friends as I did it  (very much out of control) but there was no one around to see me so maybe I looked awesome.

I also managed to eat breakfast every day this week which is very much a challenge for me.  I am not good at being consistent with breakfast especially if I have to search for something to eat.  Making the Big Batch Granola really helped.  I ate a lot of fruit, yogurt, and granola parfaits for breakfast.  That granola is addictive!

My plan this week is to get a real strength training session in.  I would also like to add another day of yoga because I really enjoy how I feel afterwards.  I am going to also make an effort this week to incorporate more vegetables into my days.

I second Megan.  It feels really good to be making healthier choices and increasing my activity.  The sedentary lifestyle, frankly, wears me out!