Here we are in week two of This Has Pin-tential!  I have decided to tackle a revamp on a couple of pairs of Emmy Lou’s TOMS.   I pinned this quite a while ago and decided now was as good a time as any to try it out.  You can find the process I followed at I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar.

Emmy Lou has a tendency to wear a hole in the exact same spot on the toe of a lot of her shoes.  I would love to show you the pic of that spot, but there isn’t one.  Just imagine on the inside corner of her big toe on both feet.  I think her feet may be growing super fast and she just doesn’t want to stop wearing her TOMS.  Here are the necessary supplies:  *Yes.  The cup of coffee is a necessity*  And you can barely see the holes of which I speak.

I actually had to order the Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Sheets and Pens from Create for Less.  They arrived unbelievably fast.  The sheets are kind of tricky to work with because they want to stick to everything but they do seem to form a good bond between the shoe and fabric.

Here is one of her shoes with the glue sheet applied:With the glue, there’s a bit of a learning curve involved.  It actually worked better for me if I applied it in smaller strips rather than trying to cover the entire toe with one piece.  (This is actually the second pair of shoes I did.  The first pair were not, shall we say, camera ready.)

Then you apply the fabric.  Emmy Lou has a flair for the bright so this was her color selection.  I did apply Fray Check along the edges, hence the dark line. I used a razor knife to trim the fabric along the edge of the sole.  A very dull razor knife.  Which is why I needed the Fray Check. Then she decided that was way too boring so she pulled out some rickrack.  Yep, orange.  I just cut narrow strips of the adhesive sheets to fit under the rickrack.  I used the liquid glue to make sure the edges were secure and held it with pins until it dried.

The finished products::The final verdict:  Try it out.  Honestly, the problems I ran into could easily be eliminated with sharper tools and practice.  The second pair went much smoother once I figured out the best way to work with the products.  And it certainly prolongs the life of the shoes.  Well, at least until she wears a new hole…