So, week 2 of the fitness challenge is officially behind us. How’d we do?

Megan: Ehh, okay. I’ve only run twice this week and while there’s still an outside chance I could get the third one in today, I probably won’t. We had family visit this weekend, which changes up the schedule a bit. It’s about a billion degrees outside, so running outdoors is only sane in the early morning, and there were just other things going on this weekend. Oh, well. I did get in two fairly intense strength workouts this week, so I’m proud of that. I’m feeling stronger and generally better about myself, and my eating is gradually improving. I’m still not fully back to intuitive eating, but it’s a process and so I’ll keep on keepin’ on. This upcoming week, I plan to maybe throw in an extra run to make up for the one I missed this week, and continue to work on letting my hunger guide my eating.

Jenny:  So, I’d have to give this week an “Ehh, Okay” as well.  I’m with Megan.  I only got two runs in and today isn’t looking too promising.  But I did get a really good strength training session in as well as two yoga sessions.  My eating went well all week but kind of derailed this weekend.  I’m not too concerned about it though because the derailing happened while Mike and I were on a date night.  We hadn’t had one of those in a while so I thoroughly enjoyed the plummeting off the train tracks!  I did well increasing my vegetables most days and ate breakfast everyday which, at two weeks now, is probably a record for me.  I plan on continuing with what I’m doing, adding more fruits to meals and snacks, and increasing my distances on my runs by a 1/2 mile over the course of the week.