First, let’s just say, five mug cakes in an afternoon, even shared with fellow testers,  may be too many.  So if you decide to have your own mug cake testing, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Now, on to the experiment!

I’m sure all of you have seen the various mug cake recipes making their ways around the internet and, if you’re anything like us, you were all, “Ooh!  Dessert in a cup!  Sign me up!”  Or maybe something with less rhyme-y.  Anyway.  We decided to pick out a few recipes to test on the kiddos and decide if mug cakes are as awesome as they seem.

Emmy Lou, Snake and JB agreed to be the testers; we thought about having them walk into the kitchen to slo-mo music like they were in Armageddon, but decided against it.  Dramatic music or not, they were all very brave to volunteer.

First up – Strawberry Mug Cake from Kirbie’s Cravings: We found this one to be a little eggy, with a pudding cake-like texture.  There was also a pretty strong flour taste to the moister (more moist??) parts of the cake, but we thought that might be remedied by cooking a little longer (though you’d risk drying the cake out).  All told, the testers gave it:

Second – Nutella Mug Cake from The Family Kitchen at  This sucker tried to destroy my microwave.  See?

Besides the carnage I had to clean up, this one was kind of hard to mix evenly. We did think the flavor was good, like a very cakey brownie, but you wouldn’t have guessed there was Nutella in there – that flavor was completely missing.  The testers say:

Third – Sugar Cookie in a Cup from no. 2 pencil:  This one was consumed by our testers in less time that it took to cook it.  The texture was fantastic, very much like a lovely, soft cookie.  The sugar sprinkles on top gave it a pleasing crunch and the vanilla flavor was lovely.  The testers gave this one a very enthusiastic response:

At this point, JB is starting to feel the full effects of the sugar!Fourth – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mug Cake, also from The Family Kitchen:  At the 90 second mark when we checked this one, it totally smelled like egg, which isn’t what you necessarily want in a dessert, right?  Because of that and the liquidy butter that pooled on top, we cooked this one a bit long because it looked so wet.  The resulting dryness was therefore our fault, but we all still preferred the sugar cookie.  Let’s be honest, though, chocolate chips are never a bad idea – right, testers?

Fifth (or One Too Many) – Peanut Butter Cookie in a Cup, again from no. 2 pencil:  By this point, our testers were losing their enthusiasm or possibly experiencing diabetic comas.  Snake didn’t care for this one because he’s not a PB cookie guy and JB was just saying, “No, no, no, Mommy,” but the rest of us liked this one.  It had a good peanut butter flavor without being overly sweet.  Testers, what’s the verdict?

All told, these were some decent recipes.  They certainly satisfy a sweet craving without heating up the house or needing to consume batches of cookies or entire cakes.   So, next time you are needing a little something sweet, try one out.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend all five in one sitting…