For this week’s This Has Pin-tential!, Megan and I chose to make fabric watch bands.  We both own Timex Weekender watches but you could easily do this with any watch that has interchangeable bands.  We got the idea from the site, Cluck Cluck Sew.  All you need for this project is fabric, Velcro (or snaps), thread to match, and your watch face.

The Process (super quick):  Measure the opening on your watch and the circumference of your wrist.  You’re going to add 1/2 ” to the width to allow for a 1/4 ” seam allowance.  The tutorial advises adding 2 1/2 ” to the length but we only added 1 1/4″.  The opening on our watches was 3/4 ” so we cut our fabric 2 ” wide by 8 1/4 ” long.  Place wrong sides together, iron flat, and sew closed along one short side and the long side.  Turn right side out.  Turn in end and top stitch closed.  Attach snap.  Enjoy!

Our Process:  For the most part, we followed the process above.  However, we did make a few changes as we worked on this project.  First, in the tutorial, she advises placing a safety-pin inside your folded fabric before you sew your strip closed on one end and along the side.  This makes it easier to turn.  Perhaps it’s just us, but we did not find this the case.  We resorted to sewing only the long side and using a turning loop to turn it right-side out.  We also had to use Velcro because the snaps just wouldn’t fit through the opening on our watches.  We made four watch bands that we cut wider so they would gather as we put them through the watch face.  We also took three of the watch bands and attached a ruffle down the center.  The Cluck Cluck Sew site gives you tips on how to do this.

The Outcome:

A Side Note:  If you don’t have a watch with an interchangeable band, you can always just make a sweet bracelet!

Final Verdict:  This is a really quick project.  We were actually not out any money because we used existing supplies we already had.  Super fun!  We will definitely be making more!

*And if you want to be cool like us, you should probably run out and get a Be-Dazzler.