Every project has to start somewhere, right?  For the living room refresh, I’m going to start with the palette, which is tricky; I can’t resist bright, occasionally-girly colors and yet I live with boys.  What’s a color-lovin’ girl to do?

Since I live here, too, I’m going to focus on bright colors with girly pops; my husband will not be harmed by the presence of a little pink, but I also get that he might not want to be surrounded by it.  So, I’ve been looking for inspiration photos, and then using the very awesome Chip It! tool to break the photos down into a color palette. It’s handy for someone like me who can identify what she likes, but has a hard time bringing it to life.

Here are some of my favorites so far: 

Right now, the last one is probably my favorite (because it is ALL THE COLORS.), and just looking at the bright colors makes me happy.  Of course, I’m not going to use that many colors in the room because I’m aware it’s not a preschool, but it’s a place to start in terms of tone and value.

Once I pin down the colors, then I’ll be able to start recovering pillows/furniture, and repainting things (eek.) and actually bringing this project to life.  I’m pretty intimidated by picking colors, but am trying to remember: this is a room for my family to live in, not a cover for House Beautiful.  I just need to trust myself!

Tell me: where do you go for color inspiration?