It’s Field Trip Friday!!

Our favorite day of the week!

This week we drove to Enid, Oklahoma to visit Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse.  This was a good two-hour drive for us but it was definitely worth it.  The kids had a blast!  For those of you who have never been, Leonardo’s is a hands-on art and science museum.   They have something for everyone including a really large area just for kids under the age of 5.  Perfect for JB.   In addition to oodles of activities inside the warehouse, they also have a great outdoor area called Adventure Quest.  According to their website, it took approximately 12,000 volunteers more than 150,000 hours to complete the playground.  It is the world’s largest community built playground to date.  It includes: a three-story wooden castle with bridges, slides, swings, mazes, a water table, dinosaur dig, and an area just for toddlers.  We spotted a greenhouse and picnic tables in the shade of large trees as well.  It is unbelievable!

Some highlights of the car ride:

  • Who is responsible for that smell?  (Snake, I’m sure.)
  • Check out the size of that dust devil!!  (Made of dirt in a corn field.  Typical Oklahoma!)
  • Is that a pump jack or a covered wagon?  (Again, only Oklahoma-woo!)
  • Why is that cow laying down? (Dead perhaps?)
  • Hang on.  I just got wings for my pig. (No clue)

If you haven’t checked it out before, I urge you to do so.  It’s a very cool hidden gem in the heart of downtown Enid.

Oh yeah, there is also the largest thrift store I’ve ever seen right down the street.  Just sayin’.

I’ll leave you with a picture montage.  Enjoy your Friday!