Hey, am I the only person addicted to PicMonkey and iPiccy?  I’ll be honest, I was pretty sad when picnik went away, but I’m really enjoying all the great features of these two sites.

I firmly believe in putting things on your walls that really represent you and your family, and making one’s own wall art is so easy these days with such great programs.

Last night I made this:

For six bucks and change, I had this printed out as a poster that’s 11 x 14.  One frame later, I’ll have a personalized bit of artwork (I’m thinking master bedroom) that reflects my love of my home state that took mere minutes to make.  (Do you *heart* Oklahoma, too?  Go get your own copy here.)

If you haven’t played with either of these sites, go check them out.  Your walls deserve to be covered in what you love!