Wasn’t the poster Megan made yesterday using PicMonkey and iPiccy awesome?  I thought I would give it a try to see if it was just as easy as she said.  Sometimes… Okay oftentimes, Megan thinks something is easy that I do not find to be the case.  I gave it several attempts.  She was totally right!  It is simple and totally fun!   Now, keep in mind.  I put these together super quick just so I could give you guys a verdict on the user-friendly quality.  Here are my two posters.  The photos were pics I had taken in downtown Tulsa.  The whole process was a case of upload and then get creative.If you missed Megan’s post and cool poster, you can find it here.   And if you haven’t tried either of these photo editing sites yet, get with it.  I second Megan.  There’s something to be said for surrounding yourself and filling your space with things that have meaning, but that most of all, you love.