You’re terrified, aren’t you?  I know, he’s kind of scary (by the way, was it mean of me to make this post sound like I was making a baby announcement, and then put up a pic of this freaky thing?  Yeah, I meant to do that.), but I’m confident he’ll get less scary soon.

JB turns two at the end of this month, and I’m making him a doll.  I firmly believe that little boys should have the chance to play with dolls, and JB’s so tender and sweet with his beloved Rowdy the cow and Lando the monkey; he’s also started being really interested in babies, so I think he needs a baby doll.  I know he won’t play with it long as little boys rarely do, but I still want to make him one.

I’m using the instructions in this book:

I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m hoping the end result is somewhere between “adorable” and “not nightmare-inducing.”  I’ve had the supplies for a while, but honestly, this birthday got here sooner than I’d expected, so I’ve set aside my other projects (the quilt! The four unfinished shirts! Egads!) to finish it up so I have time to make the little clothes and little doll backpack as well.  I just started it yesterday and am making decent progress, so I expect to get the little doll completed by the end of the weekend (except the hair – this guy may be bald for a while).

In the meantime, please feel free to suggest names; JB doesn’t name things yet and I give weird names (hence Lando the monkey, Porthos the bear, The Admiral the penguin, and so on).  So scroll back up, look into that little stuffed face, and let me know what name speaks to you in the comments!