She’s cute, she’s talented, and she cooks!! So intimidating!!

A while back, Emmy Lou received the game America’s Test Kitchen:  Let’s Get Cooking for her Nintendo DS.  It’s actually less a game and more a cookbook/cooking tutorial.  It’s pretty cool.  In the game, you assign each chef tasks and then the tutorial walks you through the recipe.  There are helpful videos to watch and the tasks are age appropriate.  There are 300 recipes from which to choose.  She read A LOT of recipes before settling on Shrimp Po’ Boys. (I didn’t argue with that choice!)

She has always loved helping in the kitchen, but putting her in charge was a new experience.   She really enjoyed being the boss and telling me what my job was.

Here she is mixing the flour/cornmeal and dredging the shrimp.

I did the frying because I totally didn’t want her around the hot oil.  And since the oil was already hot, we figured it would be silly not to make hush puppies!

Emmy Lou was really proud of her finished product!

I’ve always enjoyed cooking with my kids but this game adds a new element.  It really appeals to the tech savvy nature of kids.  And if your kids are anything like mine, they are more inclined to try new foods if they helped make it.

It also doesn’t hurt when the finished product looks like this:

So, get in there and get cooking!