This guy has truly been a labor of love:

Y’all, I spent hours yesterday making a doll wig.  Yes, I said “doll wig.”  I had to re-learn how to crochet (thanks, internet!) and then hand-sew the little stocking cap thing to his head, and then pull what I’m sure was hundreds of pieces of yarn through the little cap (that part was a little like giving Jenny highlights with a cap and hook circa 1992).  He still needs a final haircut, but for now I’m just enjoying that kicky Shaun White hair he’s rocking.

I’ve lost track of how many hours I’ve worked on this doll (and he still doesn’t even have clothes) – all the hand-sewing, all the stuffing, all the finger-stabbing with the needle.  It’s been one of the more challenging projects I’ve taken on in recent years because it involved so many skills I…don’t have.  But I think we can all agree:  this guy is worth it.

I sure love this kid.