For children, the start of school is exciting.  It’s embarking on a journey that’s new and full of adventure.  It’s experiments and stories and fresh pencils.  But for moms, it’s bittersweet.

It causes you to ask, “Where has the time gone?”

How did these babies…

turn into these practically grown individuals?

They were just born.  I held them tight and rocked them close.  I sang them to sleep.   How is it possible that I have a freshman?! And a sixth-grader?  And the baby…he’s in third grade.  It’s not possible.

And yet…I loved them fiercely as babies but I love so much who they’re becoming.  That freshman?  He’s thoughtful, funny, and kind.  He’s smart and patient.  He’s a mean goalie that stops anything headed his way.  He’s an amazing young man.

And Emmy Lou.  She is tender-hearted.  She is a true friend.  She’s emotional and dramatic but she’s silly and tough, too.  She’s my errand buddy and I treasure how she wants to spend time with me.  I know those days are numbered.

Then there’s my baby.  He’s getting so big.  In a couple of months, he’ll be nine.  He’s our comedian.  He’s non-stop action yet he loves to settle in with a book and read.  He loves facts, bugs, and science experiments.  He flips and cartwheels everywhere.

So while I write this post with tears in my eyes, I’m excited for them, too.  They have so many wonderful experiences ahead of them this year.    Therefore, I’ll be tough for them and put on a brave face.  It’s going to be a great year as we all head back to school.