I’ve been on a clothes-making kick lately (I blame the quilt class – all those weeks of tiny pieces make a girl want to cut out four things and then be done). I’ve made a few different tops (and a dress! But that’s for a later post), and when I found this pin from cotton&curls on my sewing pinboard, I knew I definitely wanted to try it out.

It uses a men’s shirt and refashions it into a flowy summer tank top.  Allegedly. No, just kidding, it really does.  Any lack of flowiness was totally my fault.  But let’s start at the beginning.

Off JB and I went to the local Goodwill to find a men’s shirt – I found one I loved with girly stripes of pink, purple, orange, and white.  That was mistake one: after refashioning into a tank, it wasn’t going to look very menswear-ish.

I brought it home and proceeded to chop it up using a tank I love as a pattern.  Mistake two: that tank is a knit, not a woven.  I tried to account for that and add extra ease, but that’s where mistake three came in: I had bought a medium shirt, when I am blessed with hips that would require an XL to get enough fabric to achieve “flowy.”

I stitched that guy together (it’s so fast!) and finished the arms and neckline with bias tape because the thought of doing a double fold hem there sounded like a bad idea given my skill set, and the bias tape gave it a really crisp, bright edge.  So that went well.

I then had to cut the final hem of the bottom of the shirt; I wanted a curve that looked like an untucked men’s shirt, which I achieved, but I made it a bit shorter than I prefer, mostly because of that previously mentioned issue of using too-small a shirt.  If the shirt had been roomier through the hips, I could have left the hem longer.  Ahh, well.

Anyway, here’s the final result:

Final verdict?  I made a shirt my grandmother wore in 1981.  It’s totally my fault – I made it too small (ergo, not flowy), I chose a fabric that in no way would look like a man’s shirt, and I cut the hem in a rather matronly way.  That being said, it looks adorable under a cardigan – like, seriously adorable.  I’m definitely going to try this one again and apply what I’ve learned.  It’s such a fast, inexpensive project, and the results could be really cute if you don’t make the mistakes I did.

I’ll let you know how the next one goes!