I was getting ready to pack a bag for JB to go spend the night with Nana and PawPaw, and I realized: he doesn’t have a bag to pack.  He has a diaper bag (totally out of the question for almost-two-year-old-big-boys) and a little library book bag – no big bag for all his stuff when he heads out into the world.  Well…that just won’t do.  So today I made:

That makes it sound more exciting than it is, but I can’t resist playing with things in picmonkey.  It’s just your basic boxed-corner tote bag.  I’d explain how I did it, but you’d doze off.  Here’s how it went down:

I ran out of red thread really early in the project, hence the kind of distracting black thread attaching the handles to the tote bag.  Oh, well.  It’ll still work.  I love, love, love a boxed-corner bag –  it seems so much easier to pack and keep everything semi-orderly.

So, a big bag for a big boy.  Have fun seeing the world, kiddo!