Megan and I are in the process of making quilts for our parents for Christmas. (Don’t worry!  They already know.) Our goal for completion of both is the end of November.  We had a cutting party several weeks ago to cut fabric for Mom’s quilt but neither of us had done any block making as of yet.  We set an initial deadline of having Mom’s blocks done by August 27th which is right around the corner!  Therefore, we decided a sewing party was in order.  Check out our sweet set-up:

Things are always more fun when you work together!

Alright, I admit it…our cutting station may have been in the way of lunch prep.

I only had to say twice, “Please don’t make your sandwich on the cutting mat.”  And if I’m not mistaken, Snake only tried to eat Cheetos over the fabric once.  Here I am, hard at work.

Over the course of a few short hours, we both completed all of our assigned quarter square triangles!  (For our non-quilter readers, did I just sound like the teacher off of Charlie Brown to you?  Just picture somewhat tedious work with lots of short seams and ironingl)  All that’s left is stitching the blocks together, which is wicked fast.  I’m not going to post a picture of any completed blocks because with Mom as a reader, I don’t want to disclose every aspect of the gift!  (Hi Mom)  Just suffice it to say, “They are gorgeous if I do say so myself!”

Stay tuned for the completed project in the near future!