As you know, I’m currently growing my hair out, and I am deep in what can only be called the “Bieber Phase.”  I’d try to describe it, but honestly, just picture Justin Bieber about two years ago, with a 35-year-old woman’s face, and you’ve pretty much got it.  It’s awkward, this growing-out, and so I’m implementing various strategies to control the madness.

Which brings us to this week’s Pin-tential: Headbands!

Specifically, how to make a wide headband, as found on Altered Cloth.This one was actually really fun.  You cut rectangles (determine how wide you want your headband, double it, and then add 1/2″ for seam allowances, and then cut that by 16″); the second rectangle is 1.75″ by 10″.  You can make the headband as wide as you’d like – I made my first one 3″ finished, which made me look like a biker, but looked totally adorable on Emmy Lou.  My second and third were 2″ and 1.5″, which works much better on my Bieber.  See?

As you can see in the first picture, the one headband is lined with a different fabric – I briefly thought I could make it reversible, but it doesn’t work with this method; you’d end up exposing the elastic end if you tried to reverse it, so don’t follow my lead on that.  There are other methods for making one reversible, so maybe check out one of those if that’s what you’d prefer.

All told, I kind of love these headbands.  They make my hair look slightly less teen-idol-ish, and are a nice alternative to my usual weekend ballcap.  Plus, they take less than 20 minutes to make.  I hope my husband likes how I look in one of these, because I see myself wearing one far too often.