Okay, actually it’s not.  But it’s certainly a tasty one!

I made Greek Turkey Meatballs* from the Skinnytaste website.   I’ve raved about this site before and I’ll do it again.  Everything I’ve cooked from there has been great and this is no exception.

Picture delicious lean ground turkey combined with loads of Greek spices and herbs.  Then gently pan-fried until golden and amazing.

I did make one change to the recipe.  No zucchini.  If you happened to read my post about the zucchini-less zucchini bread from last week, you know why.  Eeeww. (If you’re curious why, click here.)  But leaving it out seemed to have no ill effects.

I served it with a cool, creamy Tzatziki sauce. (Want the skinny version?  Here ya go!)

Then I tucked it all inside a soft pita with some crisp lettuce. 

Oh yeah.  I threw in a bit of feta as well.  But I’m just crazy like that.

This received rave reviews with everyone in my house, even the husband who swears he doesn’t like anything from the meatball/meatloaf family.

If you’re looking for a new recipe and love Greek-inspired food the way we do, give it a try!

καλή όρεξη **

*Traditionally called Keftedes and made with lamb or beef

**That’s Greek for “Bon Appetit!”