It’s been two weeks!  Time to finish the Homemade Limoncello!! (And Orangecello, too!)  If you missed the initial post, you can find it here.

Saturday:  It all began with Megan getting a lift to my house.  (Safety first!)  We were doing “quality control sampling” of extremely high octane limoncello and we certainly didn’t want to share with our loved ones if it didn’t pass muster.  We’re generous like that.  If that meant we had to taste several times to make sure it was tasty, we were willing to make the sacrifice!

Rather than walk you through the steps, here is a photo montage of the process.

We initially tasted it by itself.  When enjoying limoncello alone, ice-cold and savored slowly is best  Here are our lovely glasses of pure unadulterated limoncello!
We are Oklahoma girls, after all!  What other glasses would we use?!

And here we are enjoying it.  Isn’t it romantic?

It is delicious.  According to Megan who has searched far and wide for a good quality Limoncello, this was the best she had ever tasted.  Oftentimes, limoncello will have a faint (or not so faint) lemon Pledge flavor.  Not this one.  It just tastes like fresh lemon.  Tart, sweet, and smooth.  Let me warn you though:  it is extremely strong.  You feel a definite warmth all the way down when you swallow!

Next, we sampled it topped with club soda.  Oh my.  It tastes like a very adult sparkling lemonade.  Perfect for summertime.  Definitely meant to be sipped on the verandah.

The third way we sampled it was made into a Lemon Meringue Pie Cocktail.  The recipe comes from the site, That’s What We Said.  The cocktail was very tasty but a little sweet for my taste.  However,  Megan enjoyed it.  It’s very much a dessert drink.

At this point, we were both ready to call it a night after such a rigorous afternoon.  Megan was returned to her home with her two bottles Mason jars of summertime.

Verdict:  Totally worth making.  The flavor is amazing and fresh.  Not only that, but the cost difference is significant.  We spent approximately $45 on supplies and made basically $120 worth of limoncello.  This pin is definitely a keeper!

Note:  I tried the Orangecello on Sunday drizzled over vanilla ice cream.  Whoa.  Rock my world good.  Think sophisticated Dreamsicle. My new favorite dessert.