Meet Tommy.I finally finished his clothes last weekend (let’s all agree to ignore the horrifying zigzagging on the overalls, okay?), and decided to give him to JB on Saturday.  I still haven’t stitched his little ankles to make his feet less peg-like, but I can do that whenever.

JB loooooooved him.  It was even better than I had hoped for.  We decided to name him Tommy because it was the name on the list that JB could say most clearly.  Plus, I’m pretending it’s a Tom Sawyer reference and I am therefore super literary and erudite.  Hee.

Anyway, it only took fourteen billion hours to make this doll, and I’m pretty certain I will never (ever ever ever ever) make another one, but this made every second completely worth it:I think they’re going to have a lot of fun together.