I know what you’re thinking: “How many pairs of disreputable Toms do these sisters own?”

You don’t really want to know.  But there are enough that we need more than one method of salvaging them.

Here’s the deal: I really like shiny things (and pink things, but that’s another post), but as the mother of a boy, I don’t get to indulge in glittery, girly things as often as I might like.  So, when I saw this Toms makeover at lil blue boo, my sparkle-lovin’ heart went a-flutter.

I have a pair of gray Toms that I wear at least three days a week, and as a result, they’re looking a little rough these days.  Kind of faded, kind of worn…but they’re still super-comfortable and structurally sound, so I really wanted to save them.  Bring on the glitter!

First, I gathered my supplies – Mod Podge, glitter, brushes, beat-up Toms, newspaper, tape, and a few other Boomtown-recommended items:I knew I wanted a gray-ish tone to my glittered Toms, so I chose to mix a couple of glitters, black and silver.  I used super-fine polyester glitter so it would distribute evenly, and went to work. As you can see, I taped off the little Toms tag on the side and also taped off a bit of the inside, but I just painted around the little Toms logo on the heel.  I used both a tiny little paintbrush and a big foam brush depending on where I was working.  It took two coats, and then a couple of hours of drying time (which is a good time to make use of both the coffee and chocolate pictured earlier).

They looked pretty good, but the sole edge was kind of filthy, so I followed the recommendation in the original tutorial, and went all Magic-Eraser-y on it:I have to say I love the final product.  They are a little stiffer than before, but still comfortable.  And sparkly!  Did I mention sparkly?

Now go put glitter on your shoes.  And maybe everything else, too….