Here’s a hard truth: I am currently sporting some very tight pants.  It’s….unfortunate (except for my husband, but let’s ignore him for now).   It’s not like I’m surprised by this; it’s been a weird few months for me, marked a bit of a struggle with my body image, but I’m on a fairly even keel lately.  Except for the tightness of said pants, I feel okay about my appearance.  But y’all….I’d really like my pants to fit.

That said, I feel like I’m ready to put my physical health back on the priority list in a kind, self-loving way, so starting on September 1, I began what I’m calling “Something September.”  The plan is pretty simple:  every day I’ll do something that supports my physical well-being.  It can be whatever I choose: a run, some push-ups, a long walk, yoga, stretches before bed, veggies instead of chips at lunch, a green smoothie with my breakfast.  As long as it’s something, it counts.  I’m not going to over-complicate matters; I want to feel like I’m taking care of myself, not making myself do things so I can check them off a list.

The way I see it is that healthy habits naturally beget healthy habits; if I do one thing each day that is about taking care of my physical self, I’ll be inclined to do more (or at least do less of the things that don’t support good health).  I suspect just paying a wee bit of attention again will loosen my britches right up, but even if it doesn’t, I’m still worth it.

And hey, there are always new pants to be had.