I pinned this tutorial roughly a billion years ago, and started planning for it last spring when I bought a bunch of 3T-sized long-sleeved t-shirts on clearance in anticipation of making them this fall.

Guess what, y’all?  The time has come! Here’s my attempt at the t-shirt to spring fall jacket tutorial from i am momma hear me roar!

The tutorial is pretty straighforward: take a long sleeved t-shirt, sew some strips of accent fabric to the front, add a hood cut out of an old t-shirt, put ribbing on the hem and sleeves, and attach an exposed metal zipper.  Easy enough, right?

Here’s my t-shirt at the beginning (with one strip pinned on because I forgot to take an official “before” pic):I haven’t done much sewing with knits, so this was a learning experience – I decided I wouldn’t sweat things too much; after all, this is supposed to look kind of deconstructed.  I stitched the strips, then added the hood (if I do this again, I’ll make the hood much deeper – it didn’t come around very far in the front, and I’d like it better if there wasn’t such a gap between it the zipper).  The only moderately challenging bit was sizing down my metal zipper from 22″ to about 17″; those little metal teeth really hang on!

When I was done, I had this:And now on a very handsome child model:Looks pretty cute, doesn’t he?  Though I have to tell you, I had to agree to some things to get him to pose:I’m really happy with how this turned out!  Next time, I may size up on the t-shirt (as the 3T is apparently a big snug on my….zaftig son).  It’s a great tutorial, and the result is something that looks store-bought, but a little bit cooler.  Go make one  – maybe in a 4T!  And then send it to JB.  I promise can’t promise he’ll wear pants with it, but we all know he’ll look good no matter what!