Please sing the title to the tune of The Macarena.  Thanks.

Let me tell you about some empanadas I made a while back.  Cuban Picadillo Empanadas, to be exact.

Okay.  So, everyone is well aware of my love of the site, Skinnytaste.  I’ve only said it a hundred times.  My family has really enjoyed every recipe we’ve tried from there.  This recipe is no exception.

First you have to make the filling.  Here’s the recipe.  Usually, any recipe that contains green olives is off limits with my crew.  But I decided this time, I would just dice them finely and not tell anyone.  It worked.  They were none the wiser.  Take a gander at it.  Doesn’t it look delicious?!Next, you make the pastry dough.  I used this recipe, found at Laylita’s Recipes.  You can always go the shortcut route and use Goya discs, but I had no luck finding them at my grocery store. I would totally recommend making it homemade; this dough is so easy to use and has a tender texture that just offsets the spicy filling beautifully.  It’s also prepped in the food processor so it’s super easy.  I used a plate and a knife to cut the dough into circles and then crimped the edges using a fork.  The finished product was amazing.  Take a look.

If you have the time available, I would definitely recommend making these empanadas.  They are completely worth the effort.

And if your house is anything like mine…they’ll be gone before you can finish dancing The Macarena.