The cousins have been back in school for about a month now, and JB has survived the transition like a champ.  As part of making things easier on him (and honestly, helping myself survive those occasionally very long hours until Daddy comes home), we’ve been sampling some new activities.

I try to plan two Mom-directed things a day; these rarely take more than 15 minutes (ahh, there’s the dream: an activity that entertains a toddler for more than 15 minutes!!), so we still have plenty of time for unstructured play and book-reading.

We’ve tried all kinds of fun stuff so far:(Clockwise from top left: Color in a Bag, shaving cream play,sponge target practice, homemade gak)

We’ve also made baked cotton balls, dyed pasta for sorting, played with flour, and all kinds of other things I also failed to take pictures of. But of everything we’ve done, the thing that got the biggest response was this:Yup, boxes.  When I was out of ideas (and after the Color in a Bag was a total bust), I taped together a few old boxes I found in the garage and let him stack them.  He then proceeded to run in circles around them for minutes (which is, like, hours in non-toddler time).  Sometimes it’s the simple stuff, huh?

Okay, those of you who have/had toddlers: what’s your favorite way to entertain one?  Help a mom out!