This week’s “This Has Pin-tential!” is one I re-pinned a long time ago from Megan.  I have been meaning to try these for quite a while and just got around to it.  I really enjoy a savory breakfast and with our morning rush, it also helps to have something portable.   These Quiche Lorraine Muffins from Real Food Has Curves (which I just discovered has moved…visit their new site here) seemed like the perfect blend.  I mean, come on:  it has bacon, caramelized onions, and cheese.  The perfect trifecta!

So, I whipped up a batch of these last night.  Here are my ingredients:

The dry ingredients have been whisked together in the top bowl, the onions/bacon have been married in the bowl on the right, and the eggs and milk are waiting patiently to be introduced to the other ingredients.

After mixing together the ingredients and an 18 minute trip through a 400° oven, this is what you get.  Please ignore my terrible looking muffin pan.  It is 16 1/2 years old, for goodness sake!

If you can wait, you are*supposed* to let the muffins cool in the pan for 10 minutes and then transfer them to a rack to finish cooling.  I could not wait.  The smell was unbelievable and look at what happened when I split the muffin open:

You are looking at an incredible combination of things that should always hang out.  Bacon.  Onions.  Cheese.  These muffins were amazing out of the oven but just as tasty this morning warmed up and spread with a bit of butter.  (Don’t judge.)

So, if you are looking for a breakfast that’s portable and not of the sweet variety, I would recommend these muffins.   I know, I will definitely be making them again.*

*With the speed with which they are getting eaten at my house, probably tomorrow!