Well, yes, they are.  It’s just that in our family, if you say something about pillows, someone always says, “Those aren’t pillows!”  It’s possible we’ve watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles a few too many times.

I’ve been wanting to freshen up our living room pillows for a while now; they were the first things I ever made with my current sewing machine when I got it, oh, a year and a half ago before I’d taken any classes or anything, so I knew my skills had definitely improved.  First, I wanted a bright, patchwork pillow, so I cut a bunch of strips and made this:I really like how it turned out, but whoa, did it ever make our other pillows look drab and sad.  I’ve got plans for some other pillows in the works, but in the meantime I decided to just make some super-speedy covers in bright colors until I bring my ideas to life.  JB and I headed off to the thrift store and came home with a couple of button-up shirts and a couple of sweaters:I cut squares to fit my pillows out of the button-ups, stitched them wrong sides together and used the button placket to close the covers, while my assistant “sorted” fabric for me:

The little rectangle one ended up too sheer, so I just stuffed it (kind of badly, hence it’s lumpiness!).  For the sweaters, one was big enough to cut into an envelope-style cover, and the other wasn’t, so the blue one is just stitched closed.

They bring a nice pop of color to the room, and I love the texture of the sweaters for the fall.  JB is thrilled with the new “po’ cases!” that he helped me make, and I like how cheap, fast and easy they were.

I kind of want to make about a million more.  If my husband notices his shirts starting to disappear and new, similar pillows appearing, we know nothing about it, okay?