As you may recall, my goal for September was to accomplish something each day that supported my physical health. I feel like it was a pretty successful month. I got a fair amount of exercise, certainly more than I did in the months prior, and I made a lot of good decisions in regards to nutrition and stress relief.  I wasn’t perfect, but that wasn’t the goal.  I moved gently toward better health – that’s a win!

For October, I’m trying something new.  I read adore a blog called Last Mom on Earth. She’s amazing and inspiring and an incredible writer. It’s a rare mom-written blog that I can read and not feel worse about myself afterwards, so to find a blog that makes me want to more deeply engage in my life, not just hot-glue something to a frame*, is pretty exciting.

Anyway, she’s embarking on her own happiness project, tackling a different happiness practice each month, and has invited participation.  Oh, y’all, I am so in.  Everyone has a natural mood set-point, and mine is in the melancholy range – when left to my own devices, I generally settle at “vaguely blue.”  But research shows, you can control about 40% of your feeling of happiness, and so the goal is to work on that 40%.  I know I’m not likely to ever become a person who is happy all the time, but if I can be happy most of the time?  That’d be awesome, and might provide me a little cushion for my semi-frequent depressions.

The practice for October is variety: basically, happy people don’t do the same thing all the time. New experiences, large or small. make us happy. I actually experienced this very thing last week. I hate grocery-shopping, but the fact is, I have to do it every week or we don’t eat. In a fit of desperation. I decided to grocery-shop at a different store in a different town. Y’all, JB and I actually had fun! The drive there was fun, shopping was fun, the drive home was fun, and that feeling of joy and pleasure actually carried over into the next day. I felt more upbeat and optimistic and..well…happy, all because I grocery-shopped somewhere new. Imagine how it might feel if each day I inserted a little variety into my life, if I had that same little kick of happiness every day?

Seems worth trying, huh? So, that’s the plan. For October, I’m going to try to do something each day that is different, be it a little or a lot. I follow a million ruts routines each day, so it shouldn’t be hard to find things to change up. What do you think…would you be up for practicing happiness along with me?

*Don’t get me wrong – I love hot-gluing things to other things.  It’s just sometimes I need to be reminded that I’m a whole person, not just a Crafty Mom.