The leaves are starting to turn, the days are getting cooler, and on the soft morning breeze, you can smell the warm rich scent of deep-fat fryers…it must be State Fair time!

My parents invited JB and me to the Tulsa State Fair yesterday, and as JB and I both really like food and hanging out with PawPaw and Nana, we totally said yes!

There are a lot of interesting things to see at the fair, but let’s be real here: it’s all about the food.  Right, JB?The best thing about going to the fair with a few other people is you get to try a lot more different items without feeling with a glutton or making yourself ill.  Yay!

Here’s a little overview of what we tried:(clockwise from top left: chocolate-drizzed bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers,  Zoo bar, excellent corndog, ribeye sandwich, fried green tomatoes, mmmm…beer)

Yeah, that doesn’t look crazy, right?  Oh, wait, I failed to take pictures of a few things; there was also fried shrimp on a stick, toasted ravioli, some candied pecans, deep-fried peanut butter cups, and a glass of wine.  I feel it’s important to point out here that we were there for almost five hours, so this isn’t as crazy as it sounds.  At least that’s what I’m choosing to believe.

We all agreed our favorite item was the jalapeno poppers; as crazy as it sounded, it was really tasty and totally fun and indulgent.  The peanut butter cups were also pretty outstanding as was the Zoo Bar (which is vanilla ice cream sandwiched with red velvet cake and dipped in dark chocolate).

All in all, it was a perfect fall fair day.  JB saw lots of baby animals and a fire truck, so that alone makes a red letter day for him, and I always love getting to spend time with my parents.

Thanks for the invite, Nana and PawPaw – go ahead and pencil us in for next year, okay?