It’s fall now, and one can’t help but start thinking about pumpkins and leaves and something warming and spicy to drink.  Something like…apple pie-infused bourbon!

When I saw this recipe a few weeks ago, I pinned it knowing that as soon as the weather cooled off, I’d definitely be trying it out.  The temperatures are finally cooperating, so it’s bourbon-infusing-time, y’all!

The infusion takes four days, so at the end of last week, I made my concoction:In a quart-sized canning jar, you place one chopped apple (the recipe calls for Golden Delicious, but I only had a Granny Smith, so I improvised).  You then add 2 cinnamon sticks, and a 1/4 t. of ground nutmeg.  Then it’s bourbon time! The recipe says to add an entire bottle, which I didn’t have because I had previously “sampled” my bourbon, but really the whole bottle would never fit in the jar with all that other stuff.  I filled it to the top, and still had a little left in the bottle.  I resisted the urge to drink it because it was, like, 10 AM.  You then let that sit for four days.

Four days later, you strain your bourbon and admire how pretty it is:The recipe suggests mixing it with any number of things: sparkling cider, ginger ale, cola of your choice.  I went with ginger ale, though I think sparkling apple cider would be awesome.  Here’s my drink:(Sorry for how dark this picture is, but it was late.  And please note how much bourbon I splashed on the place mat there – I’m sure my dining table now smells like a speakeasy, albeit a festively autumnal one.)

Oh, y’all.  This stuff is good.  Like, really, really, really good.  It’s very cinnamon-y and the bourbon (and this probably depends on your choice of bourbon) is all smooth and smoky.  Jen isn’t even a bourbon fan, and she liked it (yes, I sent her home with her own little jar of booze, because we’re practically moonshiners at this point).  It’s a perfect fall drink, and was no more complicated than chopping an apple.

This pin is a keeper!