I started running about a year and a half ago.  And was I ever serious about it!  I trained using a Couch to 5k program and completed my first 5k May of 2011.

Oh yeah.  Megan ran it, too.  She is a much more seasoned runner than I. 

This was truly an accomplishment.  This was probably at least the 4th time I started the training program and the first time I saw it through to completion.  I ran pretty consistently for a year.  Then for some reason or another, I slacked off.

My runs went from three or four times a week to twice.  Then once.  Then once every few weeks.  Then once in a blue moon.  You catch my drift?

It only got more sporadic when summer hit.  Whoa.  Running in that heat from this summer was more than I could take.

But now the weather has cooled off.  And that makes me want to start running again.   It’s time for me to get motivated and hit the streets.

And for me, the only way to get my rear in gear sometimes is to put my money where my mouth is.  Therefore, I signed up (and paid for) an upcoming 5k on November 3rd:  The 2012 Moustache Dash.  During the month of “Movember,” thousands of men sprout moustaches to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer.

And while I can’t join them in growing the ‘stache (Shut it, Megan!) I can at least support them while I run.

Although, I do think I make this thing look good.