Jen mentioned our upcoming 5K run yesterday, and I actually have another one this weekend, so lately my physical self has been at the forefront of my mind as I’ve been working to get back into running condition.  I’ve been sort of pinballing around, trying to figure out how I can get my healthy eating mojo back, and after a little too much time on the internet this weekend, I thought I had a plan.

So, I was originally going to post today about a 3-day detox I was kicking off this morning. For three days, I was going to eat only fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts, and avoid caffeine, processed food, sugar, gluten, meat, and dairy.   I shopped last night for all my supplies, and for breakfast this morning, I had a strawberry-grapefruit smoothie and a cup of herbal tea.

And then my dad called to invite JB and I out to breakfast tomorrow morning, and I realized I did not wish to live in a world without pancakes.  See, back when I worked really hard to recover from my restrictive and disordered eating habits, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t adopt eating behaviors in the future that were ones I couldn’t sustain for the rest of my life.  Anything that is healthy for three days should also be healthy for every day, and for me, “healthy” includes things like a cup of coffee when the mood strikes or a bowl of yogurt and blueberries or a homemade whole wheat tortilla wrapped around roasted veggies. It’s not giving myself arbitrary rules in the hope of “feeling better.”

I know what it takes to feel my best; I’ve just been hanging on to bad habits because they’re easy.  Eating well requires preparation and planning, and I finally feel ready to tackle that once again.  And honestly, I really need to model better eating habits for my toddler sidekick – I want him to learn to love veggies (fruit isn’t a problem for that guy).  To that end, JB and I pulled out the ol’ vegan cookbook this morning just to have handy, and we made beet chips, roasted beets and carrots, and roasted a whole eggplant (which I totally didn’t know you could do).  (cookbook, toddler enjoying beet chips)

I’m going to try to dramatically reduce the amount of processed food I consume (I don’t eat a tremendous amount, but it’s still more than I need), and also examine my caffeine intake.  I’d also like not to take in quite as much cheese, but really, the main focus of this is on what I’m going to be increasing in my diet, not what I’m taking away: more veggies, more fruits, more grains, more nuts.

Feeling better is fairly simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy.  But I like to think I’m worth doing hard things for, and I certainly know that little beet-chip-muncher up there is.