This week’s Pin-tential is a quickie, but has brought a ridiculous amount of joy to the toddler who lives at my house.

Because JB is finally big enough to really take note of changes around the house (and seriously, that kid notices everything), I’ve put a few more seasonal decorations up this fall.  Nothing complicated, just some little pumpkins here and there, a few lights, and such.  So when I saw this post on MADE, I knew it would be perfect, so I pinned it onto my Boo! pinboard.   Last night, while watching an bit of television, I cut out about forty bats while trying to figure out what you call a group of bats without just Googling it (no luck on that yet…).

This morning, JB and I got out our tape and stuck those suckers (get it, “suckers”?  ‘Cause they’re bats?  Maybe not funny to anyone who didn’t just cut out forty bats…) to the wall and fireplace:

JB loves them, and I do, too.  They’re cute and simple and only cost about $2 in black cardstock.  I may go back and play with their placement a bit  (as I have a tendency to make things all regimented and orderly, like they’re little bat-soldiers)  as I think they’d look more natural if I made them a little….messier.  But as Halloween decorations go, this is a nice amount of impact for minimal cost/effort.

Tell me: how do you decorate for seasons/holidays?