A couple of Saturdays ago, my parents generously took JB for a long weekend visit; faced with the prospect of a full day with no nap-break interruptions, my taller half* and I hit the road.  The plan?  Stop at every antique store, flea market, and yard sale that crossed our paths.

Oh, such fun.  At our very first stop, I got a lovely, gently-faded globe for $4.50.  Hello, pretty:

But by far, the find of the day occurred at a church rummage sale in the town of Adair: a complete set of 1958 Good Housekeeping recipe books, twenty in all.  Oh, y’all.  They are awesome.  One of the very sweet older ladies at the sale told Taller Half that I was going to make him some very good meals out of them, and said she’d started buying her set (not the set we were buying that day, though!) when she got married 50+ years ago.  The recipes are so fun, the artwork fantastic, and it was by far the best $5 I’ve spent in a very long time.

This past Saturday, we had my family over for a get-together, and I made my very first recipe from the Appetizer Book:

Could I interest you in Peanut Butter – Catchup Dip?

It’s actually far better than it sounds.  Everyone kept coming back for more, though  Man-Child said he kept eating it because he couldn’t decide exactly how he felt about it (I assumed he kept eating it because he’s fourteen and eating is what teenage boys do).

Jen and I have plans to try out lots more of the recipes in the books (just wait ’til we get to the Ten P.M. Cookbook – it is glorious!) and I can’t promise we won’t start wearing hostess aprons and pearls!

*“Taller half” is more accurate than “better half,” though he is awesome and better than me at many things, like backing into parking places and making complex financial decisions.