I have mentioned previously that I have a love of all things pumpkin.  During the fall months, I buy cans of pumpkin puree just about every time I go to the grocery store (which, with 47 children who insist on eating every day, is all the flippin’ time.)  And I am always eager to try out different recipes using said pumpkin puree.

I also love Starbucks.  I know it’s a chain and there’s one on every street corner.  But you mention Pumpkins Spice Lattes or *be still my heart* Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucinos, and I get all giddy.

So when I pinned a recipe for Starbucks Clone Pumpkin Scones, I knew that this was definitely one I was going to make.*

There were multiple things I really liked about this recipe.  But the main two were that it used things I typically have on hand and the dough is made in the food processor.  Yay!  No cutting in butter in by hand!

Let me run you through the process. (Pictorially, of course!)Now, here’s the really deadly and fantastic part:  these scones get glazed.  Twice.  First with just a combo of powdered sugar and half & half.  You spoon it on the cooled scones and just let it run all over.  Mmmm.  Then, once that’s set, you drizzle them with a spiced glaze in a pretty cross-hatched pattern.  I spooned it into a ziploc, cut off the corner, and piped it on just cause I’m cool like that.

And this, my friends, is what you get.  As JB would say “Ninny say ‘Oh My.'”  Oh my indeed.

This is most definitely a keeper.  The keeper of all keepers.  It was spicy without being overwhelming.  The scone itself isn’t too sweet which makes the glaze so much lovelier when paired with it.  Add a cup of good coffee and you have a perfect breakfast.

Please.  Go out.  Buy pumpkin.  Make these scones.

You can thank me later.

*Unlike the hundreds of others that will probably never grace my home or palate or body or children…