BSFLC’12 is officially behind us, and it’s time to look back in fondness. Imagine either orchestral music or “That’s What Friends Are For” playing while you read in order to fully experience the atmosphere we’re creating here…

Megan: We kicked off our Friday night with dinner at Pearl’s Cajun Kitchen, which has been a required stop in OKC for a lot of years now.  Jen had catfish tacos, and I had a spicy chicken po’boy that seemed to be saturated in Louisiana Hot Sauce.  It hurt so good.

We then retired to our hotel for the evening to enjoy The Dead Files and some quilt binding.  Here’s a sneak peek of Mom’s now completed quilt:Breakfast the next morning was in the Automobile Alley neighborhood of OKC, at a coffee shop called Coffee Slingers.  Jen’s bacon cheddar scone and my blueberry scone aren’t pictured because we immediately fell upon them like a pack of wolves.  After breakfast, we walked around the neighborhood a bit and took a couple of pictures.  Check out how awkward I am!

Jenny:  I, however, am awesome as you can tell by the following picture.  We visited a lot of different antique shops.  Let me restate that:  A LOT!  Just to name a few:  Treasures Past, RetroOKC, Bad Granny’s Bazaar, Rink Gallery, Apple Tree Antique Mall, Bethany Antiques Mall, Ancient of Days Antique Mall, and the list goes on.  By far our favorite for product research though was Antique Co-op.

This gem seemed to stretch on and on, room after room.  Megan and I easily spent two hours in this shop and still probably didn’t see everything.  We both found a couple of must haves in this sweet little shop.  And the little lady working there was awesome and told us about her school field trip she took as a teen to the prison!  She pointed out that not a single member of her class has ever been in trouble.  Scared straight, you think?

After a relaxing leadership lunch at Freddie’s Frozen Custard, we did some team building and trust exercises when I attempted to launch my car airborne off a curb. It was quite exciting but I believe it did bring us closer, I think.  Then, we hit some more antique shops.  Check out my finds!And Megan’s…We headed back to the hotel for a little reception and some planning.  We did manage to also fit in some light reading (US Weekly and Star) and quality program watching (Saturday Night Live).

On Sunday, after a leisurely breakfast at Panera, we headed toward home via Route 66.  And of course, no trip down Route 66 is complete without a stop at Pops.  We arrived home relaxed yet energized.  It was a successful conference weekend.  Bring on the next road trip!

*Jenny totally killed a squirrel.  Not on purpose and not, like, with her bare hands, but within 40 seconds of leaving the driveway to begin our trip, she ran over him.  Or he ran into her tires.  Either way, I’m just hoping she won’t make this a regular kickoff event for future conferences. ~ Megan

I completely tried to avoid it.  It had a death wish obviously.  There is no other way to explain it.  ~Jenny