Most days, JB is a simple guy when it comes to his afternoon snack.  He likes cheese and crackers, or yogurt with fruit, or as many raisins as I can in good conscience let him eat.  But let’s face it: even toddlers need the occasional treat.

Treats like:

I’ve made homemade chocolate Magic Shell before, but thought it was time for peanut butter.  I made two versions, one with coconut oil and one with butter:

If you haven’t made your own Magic Shell before, it’s crazy simple.  For the coconut oil version, I melted 1/2 c. peanut butter chips with 1 T. of coconut oil in the microwave.  The butter version is 1/2 c. peanut butter chips with about 3 T. butter – it requires more fat for what are likely science-y reasons I can’t explain.   I like the flavor of the butter better with the PB chips, but the coconut oil one is easier to work with.

I made both frozen and non-frozen bites.  Just slice your banana, freeze or chill for a bit, and then dip or spoon the Magic Shell on, and let set.  

Keep in the fridge/freezer, or eat immediately.  Your call. The Magic Shell hardens really quickly on the frozen bites (especially the coconut oil version), which makes it easy to flip them over and coat the other side.  To cover both sides of the refrigerated bites, I just popped them in the fridge for about 2 minutes between sides.  The frozen bites completely taste like ice cream, but the non-frozen bites are safer and easier for JB to eat, so sadly I will have to eat the frozen bites all by myself.  Poor me.

And most importantly, JB loved his special snack:

Of course, the PB Magic Shell would be delicious on ice cream as well, but I can’t stop thinking about dipping other things in it.  Maybe PB Magic Shell Strawberry Bites will be next!