To my big tough 9-year old,

Is it possible that 9 years have passed?  It can’t be.

You were my gift I wasn’t expecting.  I thought our little family was complete.  A boy and then a girl.  But obviously, God had different plans.  He gave me you…it may have taken me a bit to wrap my head around having another baby but you have been nothing but joy in my life.

You make me laugh.  Gosh.  Daily.  You’re upbeat and spunky.  You are witty.  You can take a pun and with perfect timing, execute it straight-faced without a bobble.  And you’ve been that way forever.  I’ve never met a kid who gets jokes and riddles as fast as you.

You are my rough and tumble, skinned-knee whirlwind of a boy.  You amazed me as a toddler by standing on your head for what seemed like forever and now you flip (parkour) everywhere you go.  Your energy is contagious.  You make me want to appreciate all the little things in the same enthusiastic way you do.

You are whip smart and pick up new information so easily.  You know bits of useless knowledge (just like your Meme) and if you don’t know it, you are sure to investigate until you find out.  You are my kindred spirit with your love of reading and your appetite for trivia is voracious.

I am so blessed to be your Mom.  You are my “little man.”  Thanks so much for being you.  You are amazing, buddy.

I love you, Stinky Face.